«Resistance 3» Patch 1.05 erscheint bald

«Resistance 3» erhält in den nächsten Tagen den Patch 1.05. Neben vielen Bugfixes gibt es mit Creek (16 Spieler) and The Granery (4 Spieler) 2 neue Maps.

Patch 1.05 Changelog:


  • Update and bug fixes to the death cam system


  • Updated Network error messages
  • Several performance updates to fix network lag
  • Improved load times for friends list
  • Refined Hero movement for improved network syncing


  • Fixed issues related to the game host quitting out of a private game
  • The host will no longer lose the ability to start the game after completing a match and returning to the lobby


  • Players will no longer be put into a Team deathmatch game while searching for Deathmatch or Deathmatch Small
  • Searching Deathmatch Small with a party of five or more will no longer cause the “Finding Game” screen to loop until the player backs out.
  • Improved team balancing


  • Cleaned up overlapping text fields in the UI
  • The icon for “Double Bird” is now consistant across all menues
  • Fixes to the HUD while playing in Immersive mode


  • Party is no longer allowed to create and enter a game with no opposing team
  • The party leader of parties with 3 players will can no longer result in the party leader being put into the staging screen while the rest of the party is disbanded.

MP Gameplay

  • All equipment and abilities are now purchasable at level 60
  • Players will no longer spawn invisible to other players
  • Suicides award enemies kills if the player is still wounded from their damage
  • Abilities will no longer lose functionality if they activate the ability at the same moment that they dies
  • Split screen players will no longer be on seperate teams
  • Players bodies will no longer hold onto weapons after being killed
  • Change to Chain Reaction final node time


  • Leaper Corpse will now spawn fewer leapers
  • The bubble shield will now disapear when the EMP is used against it.
  • Dash now gives more consistent feedback when the player is unable to use it
  • The players head will no longer vanish when killed while performing a taunt
  • Assassin no longer displays the user as a friendly on the radar for DM games
  • Players will no longer lose berserks and abilities after playing a number of match making games
  • The player will no longer spawn with different genades than what was placed in the primary slot through grenadier


  • The mutators secondary’s will deal damage regardless of the surface to which it is applied
  • Marksman turrets will function properly regardless of the surface to which it is applied
  • Wildfire lock-on disabled in between shots in MP


  • Misc art, collision and volume fixes


  • Localization fixes and updates


  • Improved the Move’s aim mechanic


  • Several bug and crash fixes
  • Co-op player can now watch videos normally
  • Fixes to progression stopping issues while playing campaign in coop


  • Fixed the loading screen for 3D
  • Tracker footprints now appear for both eyes


  • Misc fixes to campaign


  • Remnant levels have been corrected
  • Improvements to the UI

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  1. Und wann kommt der Patch? 2012?

    • Der Patcch erscheint heute oder morgen.

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