«Defiance» Patch 1.016

Es gibt einen weiteren Patch für den MMO Shooter «Defiance». Der Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.016 wird automatisch beim Spielstart runtergeladen. Wir haben «Defiance» in unserem Podcast Games To Listen #134 besprochen.

Changelog zum «Defiance» Patch 1.016 für PC, PlayStation 3 und Xbox 360:

  • Fixed an issue with contracts not cycling properly.
  • Cluster grenades now properly update kill counts within pursuits.
  • Fix for crash caused by using Infectors against a large number of targets in PvP.
  • Raised up the interactable object in ‘Tracking a Package’ to make it easier to access.
  • Updated how Pursuits are tracked which resolved a lot of ongoing issues.
  • Fixed issue where data recorders in Co-op maps were not always able to be interacted with or could be interacted with more often than designed.
  • Addressed a few client side crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with final Arkfall boss not spawning.

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